Potjie King - Stainless Steel Portable BBQ

PotjieKing™ is the ULTIMATE outdoor cooking solution.
The PotjieKing™ stainless steel portable BBQ and cooker can be used in a variety of ways.

You can use it at home, for camping, caravaning, out with your 4×4 or a day down at the beach.

Multifunctionality is key in addition to the PotjieKing's™ robust design.

Excluding accessories; the PotjieKing™ is already versatile and ready to rock your outdoor cooking world.
The PotjieKing™ stainless steel BBQ comes standard with a stainless steel BBQ "braai" grid.

Find out how to make the Perfect Oxtail Potjie Recipe using your Potjieking™.

In addition to "potjies" and BBQing, you can place camping pots, pans, and kettles on to the stainless steel BBQ "braai" grid.

Take the grid off and place a wok on your PotjieKing™ and you have Chinese style stir fry heaven and paella perfection.

Throw some wood into the PotjieKing™ to toast those “must-have-more marshmallows” or just keep warm on a chilly night under the stars.

PotjieKing™ works with a size 2 up to a size 6 Best Duty 3 legged potjie pot, though it is ideally suited for the most popular size 3, it can also be used with most flat bottom pots. If you have a small flat bottom pot you can use them on the BBQ/braai grid and if it is a bigger one sit it directly on top of the PotjieKing™.

Includes carry bag.
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