Potjie Fountain - Large - (for pots sizes 2-6)

• Made from 316 grade Surgical Grade Stainless Steel .
• Laser cut base.
• Dishwasher safe.
• Use with cast iron-, aluminium-, stainless steel-, copper, enamel or glass cookware.
• Use on fire, gas cookers or stove tops.
• Long size: For Round Bottom cast iron pots, size 2 - 6.
• Short size: For Flat Bottom cast iron pots, size 10 - 14.

How it works
• The base of the Potjie Fountain keeps the bottom layer of your potjie off the pot's hot spot, so your pot is less likely to burn.
• Hot liquid and sauce is circulated through the pot from the bottom to the top layers, potjie cooks faster
• Flavours are evenly distributed through all the layers of the potjie, more taste.

• Place your Potjie Fountain, also know as a Potjie Percolator, on the bottom of your potjie after the meat has been “ braaied “or braised for 5 to 10 minutes.
• Arrange your meat around and over the base of your Potjie Fountain at the bottom of your pot, add enough liquid (water, wine, beer or stock) to keep your potjie moist, and add more layers like veggies, potatoes or rice.
• Place the potjie on heat (fire, gas cooker or stove top)
Heat increases the pressure of the liquid that accumulates under the disc of the Potjie Fountain and that hot liquid is forced up the Potjie Fountain’s stem, the hot liquid and steam and is then percolated through the holes at the top of the potjie.
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