Cadac - Potjiekos Cooker - Gas Bottle Cooker Top

(Excludes gas cylinder)

No more having to make a fire and wait and wait to cook your potjie!! Now you can use gas - this CADAC potjie top fits a 3, 5 or 7 kg CADAC cylinder.
Note that the fitting will not fit with an Australian gas bottle without an adapter (sold separately). Therefore, either you should own a CADAC gas bottle and refill it using an adapter, or you can potentially use it with an Australian gas bottle using the adapter.
Now you can cook your potjie on gas!! The CADAC Potjiekos Top enables you to safely us your potjie pot on top of a gas cylinder. This top is suitable for a No.2 or 3 3-legged pot. It is ideal for anywhere - camping, fishing, caravanning, sports events or even at home.

CADAC Potjiekos Top Features:
Vitreous enamel coated
Wind shield design
25.5 cm
Suitable for No.2 or No.3 3-legged potjie pot
Gas type: LPG
Cylinder type: CADAC 3, 5 & 7 LPG cylinders
Regulator hose fits directly onto LPG cylinder
Gas Quantity: 182 g / hour
Operating pressure: Vapour Pressure LPG
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