Best Duty - Potjie Pot (3 Legs) - Oil Cured - Size 1/4 - Potjies (3 legs)

Manufactured in cast iron, Potjie 3 legged pots are oil cured and ready for use.They are heavy duty and very robust. Can be put straight onto the coals . These pots are dishwasher safe and have a carrying handle and lid.Can be used to make stews, soups etc.
The quarter size potjie Is ideal as a ladies single serving or “starters” potjie pot – also popular for catering and as wedding favours.
Manufactured in South Africa, Best Duty offer Cast Iron Cookware of the highest quality, unmatched by cheap imported rival products – On par with the Atlas & Falkirk Brands (no longer in production).
Storage tip: Once cleaned, spray the inside and outside of the pot with Spray ‘n Cook, and throw half a handful of dry rice into the pot for storing. No rust, no mess to clean before using your pot again.
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