Best Duty - 3 leg Potjie Pot - Oil Cured - Size 3 - Potjies (3 legs)

Manufactured in cast iron, Potjie 3 legged pots are oil cured and ready for use.They are heavy duty and very robust. Can be put straight onto the coals . These pots are dishwasher safe and have a carrying handle and lid. Can be used to make stews, soups etc.
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 30cm

Size: 1/4
Volume: 0.7litres
Weight: 1.55kg
Dimensions: 12.5cm High x 13cm Wide

Size: 1/2
Volume: 1.2litres
Weight: 3.05kg
Dimensions: 16cm High x 17cm Wide

Size: 3/4
Volume: 2.7litres
Weight: 3.85kg
Dimensions: 23cm High x 19cm Wide

Size: 1
Volume: 3litres
Weight: 5.55kg
Dimensions: 24.5cm High x 20cm Wide

Size: 2
Volume: 6litres
Weight: 7.9kg
Dimensions: 28.5cm High x 25.5cm Wide

Size: 3
Volume: 7.8litres
Weight: 9.67kg
Dimensions: 30cm High x 29cm Wide

Size: 4
Volume: 9.3litres
Weight: 13.72kg
Dimensions: 35.5cm High x 32.5cm Wide

Size: 6
Volume: 13.5litres
Weight: 19.11kg
Dimensions: 38cm High x 34cm Wide

Size: 8
Volume: 18.5litres
Weight: 22.12kg
Dimensions: 41.5cm High x 37cm Wide

Size: 10
Volume: 28litres
Weight: 31.07kg
Dimensions: 47cm High x 42cm Wide

Size: 14
Volume: 34.5litres
Weight: 35.38kg
Dimensions: 48cm High x 46.5cm Wide

Size: 20
Volume: 56.3litres
Weight: 49.77kg
Dimensions: 56cm High x 52.5cm Wide

Size: 25
Volume: 70.5litres
Weight: 78.64kg
Dimensions: 60cm High x 56cm Wide
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