Best Duty - 3-leg Potjie Pot (Oil-Cured) - Size # 1/2 - Potjies (3 legs)

The half size potjie pot is the ideal single serving size. Also popular for “Potjie Parties” where the ingredients are laid out on the table, and guest cook their own potjie using a tealight candle under the pot, or the pots are placed onto the fire. Perfect for sauces & gravies too.
Manufactured in South Africa, Best Duty offer Cast Iron Cookware of the highest quality, unmatched by cheap imported rival products – On par with the Atlas & Falkirk Brands (no longer in production).
Storage tip: Once cleaned, spray the inside and outside of the pot with Spray ‘n Cook, and throw half a handful of dry rice into the pot for storing. No rust, no mess to clean before using your pot again.

Size: 1/4
Volume: 0.7litres
Weight: 1.55kg
Dimensions: 12.5cm High x 13cm Wide

Size: 1/2
Volume: 1.2litres
Weight: 3.05kg
Dimensions: 16cm High x 17cm Wide

Size: 3/4
Volume: 2.7litres
Weight: 3.85kg
Dimensions: 23cm High x 19cm Wide

Size: 1
Volume: 3litres
Weight: 5.55kg
Dimensions: 24.5cm High x 20cm Wide

Size: 2
Volume: 6litres
Weight: 7.9kg
Dimensions: 28.5cm High x 25.5cm Wide

Size: 3
Volume: 7.8litres
Weight: 9.67kg
Dimensions: 30cm High x 29cm Wide

Size: 4
Volume: 9.3litres
Weight: 13.72kg
Dimensions: 35.5cm High x 32.5cm Wide

Size: 6
Volume: 13.5litres
Weight: 19.11kg
Dimensions: 38cm High x 34cm Wide

Size: 8
Volume: 18.5litres
Weight: 22.12kg
Dimensions: 41.5cm High x 37cm Wide

Size: 10
Volume: 28litres
Weight: 31.07kg
Dimensions: 47cm High x 42cm Wide

Size: 14
Volume: 34.5litres
Weight: 35.38kg
Dimensions: 48cm High x 46.5cm Wide

Size: 20
Volume: 56.3litres
Weight: 49.77kg
Dimensions: 56cm High x 52.5cm Wide

Size: 25
Volume: 70.5litres
Weight: 78.64kg
Dimensions: 60cm High x 56cm Wide
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